Propelling Forward

These last couple of months, I’ve been craving vitamin D. There is nothing quite like sitting in the sunshine, soaking up the sun and listening to all of spring’s music. Birds singing and wind through the trees, I usually harmonize in my head or hum a made up tune. It’s quite rare to find me sitting and doing nothing, but I’ll take every second I can get coming out of this brutally long and cold winter.

Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Neighbor adventures in the woods.

Girl ScoutingVisiting Family in Byron

Playing with our new cousin Arnie

Spring Hockey League

Visiting Gram

Fancy parties

Enjoying every minute of spring.

Summer-Bod, AKA Starving to Death

Mmmmmmmkay. I should be used to this by now. It happens every single year. This transition from winter to spring to summer. This one happens to be my 40th transition. It’s a big friggen deal. It’s my first summer in two years that I haven’t been in the middle of cancer or cancer treatments.

I remember so clearly the week around the time that I was diagnosed. It was June 2017. The weekend prior was Makayla’s high school graduation, and the weekend after I had one last hurrah as a “normal looking” woman. I knew my life was going to change, but I didn’t tell anyone just yet. I wanted to enjoy those last few days without all of the stigma that comes with C.

So, well, this year, I am going to have the best summer of my life. I can’t wait for all of the beachy-sunny-beautiful summer days and nights. Camping, outdoor running, biking, fishing (with Dwight in the Super Hawk), swimming. You name the summer activity and I’m there. But first, I must find that perfect swimsuit.

You know the one. It makes you look 15 pounds skinnier, of course makes you look taller and the silhouette is incredible. This swimsuit erases the cellulite (I mean, for real, are you sure I even HAVE cellulite? Cough, cough 😬). It also magically makes me look 10 years younger. Also, it’s affordable.

Ugh. Anyway. This is my first real summer in two years. Two. For the people who don’t like to math, it’s also two winters without summer.

That means that this one is going to be special. It has to be. It’s time to live!