Where do I even begin?

We are in our second week of hospice. Or is it third? Either way, it’s been a whirlwind. As a caregiver and spouse, there are lots and lots of decisions to be made. Last week, we had walker and wheelchair delivered, tomorrow…. oxygen.

Brad has a nursing assistant come to the house three days per week. He or she is there to help Brad with his personal care. Showering, changing linens, lunch… that type of thing. Then we have a RN at the house twice per week to asses Brad, follow up with any previous questions or concerns, update pain medications… this week, she assisted in having Brads medications changed after he lost the feeling and movement on the left side of his face.

Brad’s left eye is causing him a lot of strain and discomfort. He wears an eye patch a lot of the time to ease some of the pain. He can’t see much from that eye now, anyway.

Brad has had so many noticeable changes lately. He’s not really eating much at all. His normally tall frame is so much smaller now at 165 pounds. He doesn’t want to eat. Not even ice cream.

This is extremely hard. There really aren’t words to describe what I’m feeling.

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