10 years

Exactly 10 years ago, we moved into this beautiful home in Foley. We didn’t know anybody, our families weren’t close, and there was really no reason why we chose Foley. We just did.

In these 10 years, we’ve been through so many crazy times. Some of them fun, some of them scary, some of them absolutely joyful.We moved into a four bed three bath home with the intent of having a spare bedroom. Little did we know while we were hard at work moving and planning and painting and remodeling, I was carrying little Beckham.We were married in our backyard 10 days before Beckham came. At my six week check up, we found out that I had melanoma. I had it removed that day and we moved on, only to find that it resurfaced a year after. We went to Mayo about a week later and once again had it removed. It was on the bottom of my foot, so for awhile, I couldn’t walk without assistance. With a 6 week old that was attached to my nipples and a one year old that was very jealous of the nipple monster. I remember it being such a struggle. It was my stay-at-home pre-med era where I survived on caffeine and stress.

Anyway…. I ended up having some minor surgeries as the years followed. Knees, belly, knees again… you name it, it broke.

Then, in 2017, we got hit with stage IIIc metastatic breast cancer. Chemo, radiation, surgery after surgery after surgery after surgery. It was awful, but it was a year that I spent thankful for the comfort of our home and our incredible neighbors and friends.

Now, just two years after my own medical bullshit, Brad is diagnosed with small cell carcinoma of the prostate. Stage IV. No cure and very little treatment options that will bring us beyond one year left of life. It has been 10 months and 4 days.

This house has witnessed 10 years of tears and arguments, teenage punishments and parent struggles, cancer,cancer,cancer, then cancer one more time. Playhouses, swing sets, gardens, landscape, pride and absolute love.

10 years went by in a whisper. We’ve had really shitty times lately in this house, but because we picked this one, in this town, with these people along with our hockey families…. I don’t know that I could have asked for anything better.

This next chapter has already been written for us. I can’t change the ending or the outcome. I’ve had 10 years in this home with these people surrounding me and I’m so damn glad I do. I am certain it would be unbearable without every single one of them.

October is breast cancer awareness month. Please do self exams or have your partner do it for you. It could really save your life.

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