For the L🖤ve of Hockey

Today I was completely surrounded by love.

A giant crew of men, women, kids and Flash came together to make my kiddos wishes come true.

About a month ago, Beckham gently asked me if we would still have our backyard rink this winter. It was a question I knew was coming, and one I knew I didn’t want to answer. Through a lot of tears, I had to tell him “no,” that I was not going to be able to put up the rink this year. I think that was the first time I saw big kid cries come from my baby boy. It’s the kind of sad that knocked the wind right out of me. It absolutely broke my heart.

A year ago when it was time for the rink build, Brad had already been suffering with symptoms and had been doctoring for a few months with no answers. I remember it taking him longer than usual to finish. Brad only skated on the rink last year a few times, and it was always painful…. we still didn’t know.

Beckham learned so many things on the ice with his dad. He learned to be confident. He learned that he was so loved. He leaned that adults can have just as much fun as kids. He learned hockey rules. He learned what it means to have and be a great dad… I hope Beckham always remembers playing “pump” with his dad, and the first time he actually beat him.

Today Beckham learned what it means when all the Hockey Dads know yours is sick and you really needed them to come together for you.

I wish Brad had been strong enough to be able to watch out the window. The tumors have grown enough that Brad isn’t able to sit, walk or move. I shared pictures and tears through the morning build with him.

I am forever grateful for these people.

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