One Year

Tomorrow is the one year mark. It’s been one year since Brad was diagnosed. They told us he might have a year, and we knew it would be quick.

Brad and I made a lot of decisions that day and the days moving forward. He had been ill for awhile by then. Almost 6 months of not feeling well. Those six months were very hard, but they were nothing compared to what was to come.

One year.

There are lots and lots of tears tonight. Tears mostly for the kids, but also for me.

I’m doing my best to do this right.

3 thoughts on “One Year

  1. Your story about spreading your husband’s ashes near the rink showed up in my Twitter feed along with a link to your blog and I went into that rabbit hole just being drawn into your journey and that of your husband with cancer. They say God doesn’t give us more than we can handle, but damn, you and your kids sure have been giving a lot. I pray they find peace and happiness as they grow up without what sounds like a real kickass dad. I wish I had something I could say to help ease your family’s pain, but I’m just a simpleton mostly. Prayers to a bright and happy future for you all from St. Louis.


  2. Hi Beth! You are such an inspiration and your strength and bravery is truly remarkable. I wanted to let you know that your transparency in your blog is so appreciated. My heart and prayers go out to you and your family!
    I am currently going through chemo for Triple Negative Breast cancer stage 3C. I would love to connect if that is ever a possibility for you? You can see my story on the Caring Bridge website under bethfries2. If you are comfortable/ you can email me at I look forward to the opportunity to talk to you !
    Beth Fries


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